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The Black Rose Collection is proud to offer a special range of gorgeous hand-painted floral leather handbags in two different styles – the Vivaldi and the Pinkerton.

The Pinkerton range of hand-painted luxury bags is available in three different colour schemes – rose red, bronze and grey. The Vivaldi range comes in seasonal variations, with a black rose design painted on a background of different coloured leather to correspond with the seasons. The spring Vivaldi bag is emerald green, the summer version is red, autumn has a yellow toned background and the winter handbag is in chocolate brown leather.

The Vivaldi hand-painted handbags are supplied with a complimentary matching hand-woven silk scarf, to complete the look of fashionable elegance and sophistication.

Each handbag is beautifully finished, lined with the distinctive bright blue and gold pure silk Black Rose Collection lining fabric, monogrammed with the Black Rose Collection logo.

The leather used to manufacture these unique handbags is expertly tanned and dyed using ethical methods, before being cut, individually stitched and then hand-painted and because they are made using the artisan process your hand-painted handbag may feature some natural blemishes or slight imperfections, which simply adds to its character and charm. Each handbag is therefore an individual work of leather art that can be used and treasured for a lifetime, if properly cared for.

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