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Elgeta-Friendly Genuine Leather

Elgeta leather is produced without applying harmful chemicals such as solvents, formaldehyde, AZO dyes hexavalent chromium salts, aniline, cyanide, lead and chlorophenols.

This unique Elgeta-friendly genuine leather collection is crafted by hand from carefully chosen leather, tanned to bring out the individual patina and markings of the leather, thus, producing a worthwhile investment for family heirlooms.

Genuine leather is a natural product, and has unique distinct individual characteristics such as scars, growth marks, veins, grain and shade variation.

No two hides are alike and the varying grain structure coupled with dyes and finishing processes permeates to varying degrees in different parts of the hide to give an appealing variations.

NOTE: Natural blemishes in leather can occur. Our Elgeta friendly genuine leather range is prepared omitting the usual harsh chemicals, hence blemishes, scars (as a result of barbed wire or the horns of other cattle), growth marks etc will be present.

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